Michael Thiele and Mark Peltier-Robson – ©1994

Our first collaboration. Honoring a local Miracle.

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Michael and I live in Rock County, Wisconsin. “Miracle, the Sacred White Female Buffalo Calf, was born on the farm of Dave, Valerie, and Corey Heider near Janesville, Wisconsin during the morning of August 20, 1994.  Not an albino, she was considered to be the first white buffalo calf born since 1933.  Furthermore, she was extremely important to the religious beliefs of many American Indian and Canadian First Nations tribes.”

We both felt a special desire to write a song honoring Miracle. One of the things we learned was that Miracle represented the beginning of a positive new era. A time when all the peoples of the world could come together and grow closer with enhanced sensitivity and understanding.

This was our first song together. It set the stage for our future collaborative projects.





Miracle - the White Buffalo
Miracle – The White Buffalo